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Partnership:  What you do now, as a parent, can help your child with school readiness. Our program works because we partner with you as a parent to provide information for making informed decisions. What you do matters!  

Engaging Parents: Each personal visit is tailored to your family's needs, goals, hopes, and dreams, all based on discussions between you and your Certified Parent Educator.

Support:  We support your family's growth, and provide and connect you to resources that can help your family grow.  Our goal is to guide you in strengthening your family by providing information on development, parenting, and overall well-being.

Check Out How to Qualify 

We are currently enrolling families who are pregnant or have a child under 24 months of age. Click here to read more.

What do Visits Look Like?


- Personal visits, either in your home or out in the community, take place once a week for the first 6 weeks, lasting around 60 minutes. This provides time for you and your Parent Educator to get to know each other. After the first 6 weeks, these personal visits will take place twice a month. 

- Three topics focused on during personal visits:

  1. Parent-child interaction through fun activities that promote your child's growth.

  2. Parenting topics that impact child development, such as attachment and sleep.

  3. Overall well-being of the family. 

At the end of each visit, a book will be given to you and your family to keep and enjoy together! 

- Parents as Teachers also provides free developmental screenings. These screenings help you as a parent or caregiver anticipate what is coming next in your child's development. 

-Certified Parent Educators offer connections to specialists out in the community that can provide even more added support to your family, if needed.

-The Parents as Teachers group events provide a fun way to socialize with your kiddos, and provides the opportunity for you to interact with other parents who are on the journey of parenting, just like you! 

Home Visits

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Referral Form

If you know anyone that would benefit from this child development and parental support program, have them fill out this referral form, email it to us, and a Certified Parent Educator will contact them! 

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