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What is Parents as Teachers?

Parents as Teachers is an interactive program focused on supporting family relationships and child development. For young children, playing is learning! We focus on parent- child bonding and interaction through activities modeled around your child's development. We discuss the four major domains of development, which include language, motor, social emotional, and cognitive skills. Knowing these areas of development help you as a parent to understand, evaluate, and observe your child's development. This interactive program also focuses on development centered parenting such as nutrition, potty training, routines, and even discipline that is modeled around your parenting style and beliefs. Your well-being as a parent is important for your child and your overall enjoyment of parenthood. Every family deserves support, and we're here to help!

"Our mission is to promote the optimal early development, learning, and health of children by supporting and engaging parents and caregivers."

Baby Playing with Building Blocks
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